“Addictively good, I had to come back for more! They are absolutely delicious! Reordering for myself and placing some gift orders as well. Thank you for all of the care that is put into making them. It is noticeable in each little Tart. Please keep them coming!”
— Adrianna F.
Deliciously healthy...God-send for diabetics! Oats Any Time comes in a variety of delicious flavors...these treats are like a pie/cookie combo!
— Aaron H.
Amazing! These Tarts are delicious! It’s so nice to find wholesome, clean, gluten-free products that taste amazing. These so far (for a few weeks) have frozen well. I just put them in their individual parchment paper wrappers into a large zip-top bag, and then pop them in the freezer. I’ve had them both thawed for several hours in the fridge, or on the counter, and nuked for just 30 seconds or so. Both very good! So far I’ve had Blueberry, Cherry, and Apricot, and I can’t wait to mix it up again soon! My 11 year old cousin even loved these, and that speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Owner Lisa sent her Thanks with a handwritten note - such a charming and appreciated touch - and her packaging is absolutely darling plus fairly sustainable as it was all paper! Hooray for Lisa at O.A.T.!!
— Angela G.
Great vegan GF product my whole family loves. With multiple food allergies in our house, it’s great to have a product everyone can eat and enjoy.
— Ginger C.
Oats Any Time Fruit Filled Crumb Tarts have been a game changer in my home! For a health & fitness coach that takes great pride in teaching others about nourishing and caring for their bodies, having a giant sweet tooth is a nuisance! These homemade “treats” pack a nutritional punch AND satisfy my sweet cravings! I can feel good serving these to my family, anytime of the day (quick, convenient, and nutritious breakfast, snack, or dessert) and recommending them to friends and coaching clients, knowing that they’re made locally with wholesome ingredients that sustain us. We are what we eat..every single bite that we take either feeds our health or feeds disease, so set down the processed junk “treats” made in factories, and pick up a delicious, nutritious, and locally made (with love) Oats Any Time Crumb Tart to feed your health and happiness...Y U M !”
— Liza Smith, Health & Fitness Coach, and Mrs. Maine America 2014
“These get an A+ for both taste and health! They are out of this world delicious, and the ingredient list is short and simple, with items containing healthy carbs and fats. They also contain no preservatives, gluten, soy, or eggs, which is a HUGE plus. And, the delivery time was quite impressive..the vendor is out of Maine, and I received my products (In Arizona) within 48 hours after ordering!”
— Amy W.
“Absolutely delicious hearty, healthy breakfast or afternoon treat. My very picky children unanimously gave these a thumbs up!”
— Kate M.
Scrumptious! These came in the mail and I immediately opened Maine Wild Blueberry. It was so fresh and didn’t need to be warmed up but I did anyway, and OMG!! So gooey and wonderful. It was falling apart and I gobbled every bit of it. Would be great with some vanilla coconut based ice cream on top. Can’t wait to try the other flavors.
— Karissa B.